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  Her Option® Office Cryoblation Therapy
One of the many technologically advanced treatments available in the offices of Steven R. Poliakoff, M.D. is a new, safer procedure for endometrial ablation: Her Option.

This procedure was designed with the patient’s comfort in mind and is the only endometrial ablation therapy approved for office use. Dr. Poliakoff performs the therapy in the comfortable and familiar setting of his office. The treatment requires minimal local anesthesia—no IV sedation of general anesthesia—and offers an alternative to hysterectomy. Many women are able to return to their normal activity level by the next day.

Her Option is a safe and effective ablation procedure that uses sub-zero temperatures (cryoablation) to reduce heavy periods to normal or non-existent levels. The cold temperatures destroy the endometrium (uterine lining), the part of the body responsible for menstrual bleeding. With the endometrium reduced or eliminated, there’s less tissue to shed each period. This results in dramatically less menstrual bleeding.

Benefits of Her Option:
•  Sub-zero temperatures provide natural analgesic effect.
•  No IV sedation or general anesthesia required.
•  No surgery or disruption of natural hormones.
•  Available in the comfort of Dr. Poliakoff’s office.
•  Ultrasound guidance enables monitoring of treatment progress.
•  Quick recovery period

About Cryoablation:
Cryoablation is a time-tested treatment with proven success in treating many medical conditions. While other ablation processes work through energy or heat, cryoablation uses sub-zero temperatures to reduce or eliminate the uterine lining. The natural analgesic affect of these low temperatures minimizes patient discomfort during the procedure and the ultrasound guidance during the procedure enables Dr. Poliakoff to monitor the therapy as it happens, offering an additional level of safety.

Cryoablation offers additional long-term benefits, including:
•  Improvement of pain and mood related to PMS.

Who should consider Her Option?
Her Option is so effective that when asked two years after their treatment, 91% of patients were very or extremely satisfied with treatment results. Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy may be the right choice for patients who:

•  Are pre-menopausal
•  Are past childbearing and do not plan or desire to ever become pregnant
•  Are experiencing heavy bleeding due to benign causes
•  Have a normal pap smear and no uterine abnormalities