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Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH)

A laparoscope is a viewing tube through which structures within the abdomen and pelvis can be viewed. A small surgical incision is made in the abdominal wall to permit the laparoscope to enter the abdomen or pelvis. Additional tubes can also be pushed through the same or other small incisions allowing the introduction of probes and other instruments. In this way, surgical procedures can be performed without the need for a large surgical incision.

LAVH is a surgical procedure using a laparoscope to guide the removal of the uterus and/or Fallopian tubes and ovaries through the vagina (birth canal). A laparoscopic hysterectomy is a different procedure performed using a laparoscope and other instruments inserted through tiny abdominal incisions, and the uterus, Fallopian tubes etc. are removed in tiny portions.

Not all hysterectomies can or should be done by LAVH. In certain situations, a laparoscopic hysterectomy may be sufficient. In other cases, an abdominal hysterectomy or a vaginal hysterectomy (without laparoscopy) is indicated. Dr. Poliakoff will determine the appropriate procedure for each individual case based upon the reason for the hysterectomy and the medical history and condition of the patient.

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