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  The Mission of the Women's Cancer Research
Foundation headed by Dr. Steven R. Poliakoff
Steven R. Poliakoff, M.D. is at the forefront of research and development of preventive and treatment modalities for women's cancers. Internationally trained and currently lead investigator on international multi-center medical and surgical gynecologic cancer protocols, Dr. Poliakoff is deeply involved with and committed to his patients, the latest treatment and prevention modalities, and is focused on ensuring that all women who are at risk are provided with the very latest information and treatment options, regardless of their economic status.

While his practice is thriving, and has been for over 30 years in South Florida, it's the Women's Cancer Research Foundation and the work they're doing that inspires and motivates him. He is currently Gynecologic Oncologist Chairman of Women and Children's Services at Mount Sinai and Miami Heart, and Executive Medical Director of the Women's Research Cancer Foundation. As part of that overall focus, he and the Foundation provide outreach programs in South America and in other local communities, and because Mt. Sinai is a teaching hospital, their principal focus is to expand women's healthcare and let women know of the existing treatment options.

The Foundation does several important things for women, including cancer surgery, assessment of risks for cancer surgery, and treatment protocols once they've had their cancer surgery. Of the Foundation's standard surgical therapies, Dr. Poliakoff has developed certain specialized protocols, incorporating a specialized combination of both surgery and radiation therapies. In addition, the Foundation works with two groups in France, with whom they are continually developing minimally invasive techniques for gynecologic cancer surgery. This involves a great deal of laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical therapies for treatment of endometrial cancer, fallopian cancer, pelvic cancer as well as the assessment of the progress of ovarian cancer and the use of less invasive types of operative techniques.

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