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Spa Laser Services
We offer permanent hair reduction via IPL Laser of the following areas:

Upper Lip
Jaw line
Bikini Area

Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair reduction which provides great results to diminish the growth of hair on all parts of the body. We offer one of the best lasers to effectively treat our clients while providing the least amount of discomfort.
Our laser is FDA approved to treat all skin colors and there is no long term health hazards associated with receiving treatments.

Laser hair removal does require several treatments to ensure that each cycle of hair growth has been properly treated. There are elements that do come into effect given a clients biological factors such as skin color, amount of hair, area to be treated, and the pigment of the hair being treated. Clients may expect to see results after one treatment. Hair will grow back at a noticeably slower rate and will appear lighter and finer in texture. It is important to follow treatment protocol to effectively treat the desired areas.

Laser Vein Treatment for Varicose Veins of the Legs
We offer the latest technology for leg vein clearance. A 1064nm wavelength laser is used to send energy into the targeted blood and vessel walls, where it is then absorbed by hemoglobin located in the vessels. The hemoglobin is heated which then causes coagulation of the blood and permanent closure of the vessel. The body cleans up the coagulated blood and the degenerated vessels begin to disappear.

Many veins disappear with one treatment. Each case is unique to the individual who is looking to minimize the appearance of unsightly veins. It is important to know that while many clients will receive satisfactory results with one session, more than one session may be required to reach the desired results. The pain associated with this procedure is minimal and there is no downtime. Clients may return to their regular routine immediately.